Should I clarify i’m not sleeping with anyone else?

- we talked for about a month during which he said that we should date
- a few weeks after that he said he wasn’t really feeling the dating scene (we still have not hung out at this point)
- following that he said he’d be ok with hooking up

we still didn’t hang out, so no hooking up, but we still texted. we did TRY hanging out but reasons always came up as to why we couldn’t, mostly on his end.

- Saturday I was drunk he was high, separate places
- kept telling me no to hanging out, finally said yes, but I was fed up and had someone else pick me up
- next morning he texted me asking what happened and I told him I slept with someone else
- he got mad / jealous until I made him remember that I don’t owe loyalty to anyone because im single
- things were back to normal, last night we finally FINALLY hung out and slept together

now I feel like because of the events of Saturday, I need to clarify that I won’t be sleeping with anyone else now that we’ve finally gotten together.

I will disclaim that it’s no pressure for anything serious, but there’s just no need for me to go elsewhere, and no desire to.

would this be weird? or a good confirmation for him?


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  • I mean, he'd certainly be pleased to know he has you to himself, but given that you never got together until after he knew there was competition, I wonder if tell him you're only going to sleep with him will make him lazy again and perhaps it oddly means less seeing him and less sex for you. Something to consider.

    • I mean honestly we almost saw each other last week, but I just... didn’t feel like having him here and having to rush him our because I only had the place to myself for a limited time.

      he was very much down for it then and i’m the one who axed it. so I don’t know that it’ll dampen anything

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    • Must've slipped out a ton, no? What positions did you use?

    • Thanks for most helpful

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  • He’d probably appreciate hearing that but don’t impose a commitment on him. Let him decide that on his own. Just be safe in the mean time.

    • like I said I was going to disclaim there was no pressure for anything I just wanted to let him know.

      and he did seem to appreciate it

    • I think you mean proclaim.

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  • I think that would be good confirmation to him and yourself - If you had been "Dating" yes then he had a right to get angry expecting some exclusivity but he downgraded it to "Hooking Up" ( which hadn't even happened yet) to see how things might work out. So your "Relationship or whatever it is" would be somewhat open and very frustrating so going with another person is understandable plus it is commendable that you were totally honest.
    You telling him that you won't sleep with anyone else while with him shows you are willing to commit to a new stage of "Relationship or whatever it is". Hopefully he will reciprocate because if memory serves me right you haven't being very lucky at the "dating stage" and you seem like a very nice person that any dude would be very lucky to be able to date - Best wishes

  • Good conformation


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