Would one thing mess up a relationship?

Say you really like someone and you've been friends for a while and their a great person and you find out they smoke weed, would you date that person, or cut them off?
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  • I wouldn’t cut them off but I wouldn’t date them.


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  • It all depends on what's your stance on the whole matter. Smoking may be a sign of immaturity to some people but all in all, I really don't think that you should judge someone from a habit like this. Personally, I'd date that person and I'd just be clear that I don't like this habit just to be transparent with my thoughts. After that, it's his/her life and there's not much you can do about it.

    • I agree im 17 and actually have a medical card for extreme anxiety but people always just like think im a goon or something

    • *insert STEREOTYPES banner here* I understand man. You shouldn't think that negatively about it. Love and relationships in general look deeper than things like this. While being a strong smoking hater myself, I find it quite trivial when it comes to whether you want to be with someone or not.

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  • Well I would sooner cut them off than date them, but ideally I'd do neither. I have a couple of classmates that a I know smoke weed, and we can still get along. But definitely not dating.

  • I want absolutely nothing to do with drugs, I don't mind being friends with people who smoke and/or drink but I refuse to date anyone who smokes.


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