Why did this girl stop communicating with me?

I've known this girl since hs and we started talking and getting closer for the past two months while she was engaged. She sent me naked pics and vice versa talking about having sex. We got into an argument and she chose to be with her fiance over me ( she didn't plan on having feelings for me). We already had made plans for me to see her next month. She said regardless if she chooses him over me we would still have fun. Ever since she chose her fiance over me.. she basically stopped calling me and texting me. She text me once after and we had a little conversation. I text her a couple days ago (small convo) and I would still call her my girl and she didn't protest. Should I cancel my plans to see her?


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  • Don’t be second choice of her. Don’t try to keep in touch with her.


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  • She will start talking to you again after and if she gets tired of her new husband.


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