How can I make tonight good?

I had a long day at work. I got into an disagreement with my boss. Do i decided to go to my girlfriend's house to cool off. But i went now I'm here and things are getting worst. First we got into a disagreement because i brought home subway, her and her mom cooked, i didn't know. Then we got into a disagreement because i didn't want to watch Law and Order SVU. I wanted to watch Grey's Anatomy. Her family thinks my fault we started arguing. Now im stuck watch SVU. Right now she's in the shower. How can i make this night a good one?


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  • They do seem unsympathetic to your plight. The whole Subway thing too petty for discussion, how were you to know? This Grey's Anatomy is a whole other matter. You've got to establish dominance over the remote control early on. Don't let that sh! t slide out of control. Sit your girlfriend and her parents down and let them know in no uncertain terms that from now on you'll be calling the shots around that place. It'll be good for your self esteem. Record that and put it up on YouTube as I would be interested to watch!


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