Does it mean anything when a stranger messages you on Facebook?

A year ago my brother was in a car accident, and I made a post about it on Facebook. This particular guy, let’s call him Dave. Dave messaged me saying that he hopes my brother is doing better and that he hopes I’m doing good too. (He’s the one that sent the friend request, I accepted. He also follows me on Instagram). Then like a month later, he sent me a wave at 1:30am- when I mentioned this to a friend of mine. She said no one is up to no good at 1:30 in the morning, is that true?

Also, Dave got hired at my job three months ago. And none of us have brought up that we have each other on Facebook or that he messaged me. He’s also my manager.

Is that weird?


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  • Now that sounds really weird and more than coincidental. How old is this Dave? He should be asking you out soon if my hunch is right.

    • He’s my age. 24. He hasn’t brought up our Facebook convo tho.

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    • Is it true that someone messaging you at 1:30 in the morning means they’re “up to no good” tho?

    • or that he doesn't sleep well. And weren't you up at that time too to get the message?

  • Too creepy for my like


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