Should I text him or wait?

So I’ve been talking to this guy we went out on 2 dates the 3rd time last Saturday we slept together. Wasn’t all that great bc he was nervous I accidentally told him I was disappointed and he looked a bit upset.. & he told me to text him when I was home I did and I told him I was disappointed bc I pressured myself and then we went on texting Sunday that it was fun, and he told like next time will be better and I agreed. He stopped replying he normally stops replying. So my question is it’s been 4 days since we last talked he hasn’t contacted me I was told I possibly could’ve offended him with the whole disappointment situation I feel bad. Should I reach out? Or wait for him to reach out to me?


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  • I'm pretty sure you did but it seems that you didn't explain yourself fully. Were you disappointed due to his performance or because you pressured yourself into doing it before you wanted? It seems like the latter which left you unsatisfied because you weren't truly enjoying it. If so, I would text him and let him know that you weren't upset by his performance but the fact that you felt that you gave yourself up before you were ready.

    • I ended up texting him ! He did seem upset and I tried making plans to go out to eat but he already had plans set for his weekend so I decided to not reply after that lol at least he knows it was bad.

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