Could this work out in one way or another?

I met this girl when I broke my back a few years ago, and we became really good friends, and she'd talk to me a lot when I was there, and I'm sure she knew I liked her because I would always mildly flirt with her or compliment her.
She told me she got into a relationship and I just let us be friends, and we still talked a lot.
We caught up recently on social media because she was released from the rehab place I went to. But she removed the description that she was happily taken.
I messaged her tonight, asking how she was doing, and if she'd like to hang out or go out since we've been friends for a while.
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But she didn't say anything to what I said. But she read it


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  • Too soon to tell. Just take it one step at a time- hang out first and see how that goes.

    • She read it but didn't reply, would that be a hard no then?

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    • But why would she bring up the fact that she was told I have a thing for her and my secret was out? Teasing?

    • Yeah, probably

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