How to impress a girl that she loose interest on me?

usually i don't approach girls because i'm a little shy and i don't have good memories from my last girlfriend , But recetly i meet a girl in college that for some reason i have a crazy crush on her and it's the first time that i've got that feeling

I started texting with that and she seemed to have an interest in me, two days later i asked her out and we go for a walk at the beach
And for fist date it wasn't bad
When i leave her she said to me to send her again and she looked me with a pretty cute smile
Two days later i asked her if she wanted to see a movie together
She reject it with the excuse that she have other plans
Then next day see moved out of the city for a week to go see her family
When see returned i started texing her again and she seemed kinda like she's avoiding me
I haven't talk to her in person since then becuse later the college closed for summer and then we just talked a couple of times via messenger but that's all. Should i try to approach her again? Giver her more time or forget her?

Sorry from my bad English i'm from greece 😜


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