How do I relax in my relationship? I'm literally driving myself INSANE?

I really would love to know how everyone else in relationships are so relaxed. Or am I literally crazy. Been with my boyfriend over a year and a half. Yet I keep thinking he is going to leave me or cheat. If he goes out with his friends drinking I think what if he meets a girl he likes more than me and falls in love with her. If I see him online on whatsapp more than usual I automatically assume he is texting a girl. I don't know how to relax and it's seriously upsetting me :( He says he loves me so much and hates lies, hasn't even thought of cheating or has any plans to. What can I do? :/


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  • You are wasting time obsessing over something that you have no control over. You just need to assume that he will never cheat, unless he proves you otherwise. And I mean real proof, not something like "being on whatsapp longer than usual".

    • But if he's on whatsapp more than usual who could he be talking to apart from a girl? Like mainly he's not on it much, now today he's on it every 5 minutes when he's supposed to be working

    • A friend? A coworker? Why don't you ask him?

    • It's just weird he's never on it that much while in work so it can't be a coworker :/

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  • You need to trust him, a good lasting relationship needs trust.


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  • Stop blaming him for your insecurities.

    I've been in his shoes before. There is only so long I can tolerate being treated as if I'm cheating or abandoning her when I just want to see some friends. Choose your actions wisely as you sort out the emotions.

  • No offense but you sound rather controlling and perhaps a little paranoid.

    • Why controlling and paranoid? :/

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