How would you get out there and talk to girls when you have social anxiety?

So basically, I'm 20 and have never had any female attention, like at all, zilch..
Recently i have been wanting to get into the whole relationship thing, but i don't really know how to go about it.
I am very shy, and quite overweight. A few years ago i developed an addiction to video games. I shut myself out from the outside world and only cared about what was on my screen.
I have never been very social around females, even at school i would hardly chat to anyone besides my mates.
I am 20, still a virgin and i am honestly very ashamed of myself for being a antisocial slob for 4 years.
I see all my mates and my brother so happy that they have found someone they love, then there's me.
My social anxiety started when i was 14, i was never comfortable around large groups of people. I felt like i was constantly being watched, judged and laughed at because if my weight, made me feel horrible about myself and that sort of kicked off my depression stage.
I want to go out and try and meet a special someone but i just don't know how to do it. If i go to pubs and clubs, girls are all in groups and that turns me off from even cracking an attempt. The thing i am scared about is getting rejected, and with anxiety that would be the most humiliating thing ever.
I have tried the whole 'online dating' thing, and it never worked out. I get matches here and there, and when a conversation strikes, it ends rather quickly.

Does anyone, male or female have any good advice for me?


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  • First of all, you Need to be confident in yourself, so hit the gym and go running to lose weight and develop some confidence in your appearance. Second, go to meetups in your area and meet people with similar interests. Start friendly convos with people you have no romantic interest in just to get some practice talking to people.


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