Am I making the right choice?

I have always gotten attention from women its common for me to get complimented or hit on and stared at often by all kinds of women ranging from average to the hottest girls around, and for a while i tried being a playet but i suck at it iam simply a kind down to earth dude, i hate being populat i like being cool and laid back and treating women in a good way and not work my butt off to impress them and them not working their butt off to impress me, iam very low maintenance really and usually really nice...

for years ( iam a college student now) i avoided the topic of love and anything remotely close to that i met a lot of girls here and there and never even once felt a spark, it was obvious they want recognition, they wanted me to acknowledge their existence and call them hot and thats it... that is until few months ago, i met a girl and things were on and off with her and kinda rocky but for the past couple months its been great and very smooth and she made me actually believe that she has feelings for me, we made out, cuddeled and all was great, but now she's acting like every other girl, distant, uninterested and kinda bitchy...

I hate to admit this but iam fragile, i look and behave a in a way that shows i have full control over my emotions, that is until its feelings like love, i turn so vulnerable and weak, and unfortunately she made me feel love for the first time and now she is hurting me deeply... i decided if this thing with this girl fails i will never share my feelings with any girl again and will just give up anything love related, its simply not made for me i am too weak to love or be loved and i have been hurt once and now iam gonna be hurt again, twice is enough.


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