Popular Guys and Unpopular Girls?

So I'm in my freshman year of high school and I've been crushing on a popular guy for like a year. This year we have no classes together, but last year we had a few classes and lunch together. He would constantly look at me in class or across the cafeteria. And even my friends were telling me he was constantly staring at me and some other stuff and they think he liked/ might still like me. But is it really possible a popular guy can like an unpopular girl? I'm not totally unpopular but I'm definitely not at the popular level... And he is definitely at the top of the popular group. Do you think he could ever like me and if he did would he ever act on it? Would he ever ask me out? Would that risk his popularity? Anyways... thanks:)


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  • Game of thrones going on there

  • Ah highschool, I remember those days.


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