I think I'm in Love with someone but I dont want to be?

I met a girl at my cousin's wedding who was his brothers plus 1. We really hit off and my family fell in love with her. I'm very close with my mother and I trust her judgement on things and when it came to this girl my mom was obsessed. I initially didn't feel anything for her but when she got along with my mom and my sister I couldn't help but crush on her after. After the wedding we kept in touch and would FaceTime, text, you name it. She made plans on coming out to where I live and I couldn't wait (she lives in another state), but things happened in her personal life and those plans fell apart. I got like, depressed because I had planned all these things in my head to show her I really cared for her but the situation was out of my control. Now we barely talk but when we do I can't help but feel like she's into me or hoping there's something between us like I do. Unless that's just me. She's a good person who deserves good things and I was hoping to be the person that could do that for her but now I feel like I'm way more interested in an "US" than she is. I think I Love this girl and I don't want to because she doesn't feel the same and it kills me. How do I move on? Do we stay as friends? Should I dead her immediately? Please help.


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  • I would reveal your feelings to her to let her know so you can find out once and for all.


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