He hasn't kissed me yet?

We go to the same college, he's 5 years older than me (he's 23 I'm 18) and we've been dating for a month now. We probably go on 3 dates a week not including causal hangouts. He has extensive sexual experience, Im a virgin who has never even kissed a guy. He holds my hand 24/7, kisses my hands and kisses the top of my head a lot. He also rubs my arms and occasionally he will rub my thigh. But he's never actually gone in for a kiss! He said he really really likes me and wants to see where our relationship is going.

Even last night we were out till 1:30am at the movies, and after in the car outside my house I was mentally prepared but all he did was kiss my hand, hug me tight and said goodnight.

Whats he waiting for? Is this normal? Maybe he doesn't want to kiss until were boyfriend/girlfriend if that eventually happens?


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  • That might be one cause, or he whant's to make cautious descicions with you being new to this. Try to lean in a little, look at his lips every now and then when out on a date.

    • Thanks! I'll try that. He did say that he wanted to respect my space and that he wanted me to be comfortable since it is so new to me.

    • Yeah I thought so much. Someone who hasn't done anything usally are a bit scared and moving too fast can be frightening instead of romantic. But if you can communicate and he already waits, you sould even be fine telling him if you are ready to turn it up a notch.

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  • I liked a girl once, but I would have never kissed if she hasn't asked me for it that day !
    She just said "I want to kiss you" and my heart literally dropped.
    Hope this helps.

    • Thanks! I'm just really nervous about initiating since the only male I've ever kissed was the family dog. I would be a lot less nervous if he initiated

    • Maybe sometimes girls have to make the first step. It's not a bad thing I actually find it more romantic !

  • That's pretty weird, but then again so is dating an 18 year old when you're 23. I think he might just be a bit of a weird dude.

    • Yeah when we first met he thought I was in my early 20s, which everyone does. We already started talking when he found out, and I specifically made sure he knew early on so that if he had a problem with it he could get out. He said all the women he's dated before have been his age or older, but that he liked me and wanted to get to know me anyway.

  • Why haven’t you kissed him?

    • I've never kissed anyone before... I don't want to initiate if I'm bad at it haha. If he goes in to kiss me I can follow his lead and reciprocate

    • Just kiss him

  • "hes 23 im 1"


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