Girls, what do I do? I stuffed up?

So I started talking to a girl online and didn't think we would ever meet and some things i told her weren't true... well we ended up getting on real well and we ended up meeting and now we are dating, its been about 2 weeks now... we haven't had sex yet but one of the things I told her was that I have a big penis, but I am actually 5". I dont know if i should tell her it was a harmless joke or just say nothing gaaaahhhhh


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  • Tell her what you just told us. Write it if you don't want to face her.
    If she understands, good. If not, move on and stop lying.

  • Your tongue skills matter more anyways dude, just come clean.

    • really? interesting

    • Dude, I mean some girls are size queens, but if you can make a girl cum with your mouth, over and over again, she'll love you.

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