Ladies does dark skin on guys make you less attractive?

Like dark brown, or chocolate skin tone on males?


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  • For me, it's weird. I find dark-skinned girls to be beautiful but dark-skinned males aren't as much to me

    • šŸ˜‚ a white guy thumped you up. They like it when girls hate us and love them

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    • You're not attractive and you say dark skin guys aren't attractive šŸ˜‚

    • Lmao, that's your opinion bruh. Just about every guy that I encounter says different. But you're anonymous and probably don't even have a profile picture. You can't say shit me you burnt roach lmaoo

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  • I love dark skin and light skin guys and girls. Typically find white girls unattractive sexually (physically I think every girl is pretty in general) white guys not as much as darker guys, but still more than white girls.

    It mostly has to do with features American white people carry though. Because there are other ethnicities with white skin, but sexy ass facial structure, builds, facial features, etc.

    Got kinda off topic but anyone with light brown to dark skin is attractive to me and specifically white American girls are unattractive sexually to me unless she's mixed.


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  • I know I'm the first one here to comment but i have to answer this because this is something that's interested me recently as a dark skin guy.
    Sooo... I'm dark skinned right? lol Great, like normal chocolate colour... usually. However, I've recently been out in the sun quite a bit topless and I've become a dark chocolate colour.
    I had to post on facebook the type of reception i got later that day travelling through central london.

    Women opened doors for me, i dropped my phone and one rushed to pick it up, i got oogled, customer service reps went the extra mile to help me out. It was freaky!! Women were absolute gentlemen to me lol

    I think there's 3 types of women on this matter

    1) The type that has been conditioned to hate coloured people

    2) The type that are happy to stay within their culture aand would rather not date and so psychologically a darker skinned person is less appealing.

    3) The neo Liberal type lol Who doesn't conform to societal norms, the free thinker who loves men as a whole lol!

    ... Oh then there's the girl who just wants to piss off mum and dad.

  • I'd imagine for some yes, for others no.


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