Can a criminal record make sure?

u cannot get hired anywhere?


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  • There are jobs available, but it’s definitely limiting


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  • It definitely can. That's why people who have been released from prison have such a hard time getting on the right path and being a part of society. A lot of them go back to committing crimes and end up back in prison. They need to survive outside of prison somehow but since no one is willing to hire ex-cons, they go back to crime in order to survive (not justifying it, just stating reason)

    • a friend of mine was 20 when she was convicted for accessory armed robbery... she went to jail one week and then she got out... but for 4 years she couldnt work so now she can again but is working a low paying job... does she ever have a future? she is going back to school but still...

    • It's possible. Already having a job even if it's low paying and going back to school is a good start. It's good that she has a reference (her boss right now) for other jobs in the future.

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