How do you get out of the friendzone? Is it possible?

Basically I have a friend who I really like. I would like to date her. I would want for her to consider becoming more that friends. There is a possibility that there is something between us. I have asked her on a date in the past but she said no. That we can still be friends. I do not have much experience with women and I would consider myself pretty shy. So this is a new situation for me. What can I do for her to see me as more than a friend? Are there tips anyone can suggest? Should I be texting regularly? Hanging out more? I know trying to get out of the friendzone is a long shot but I think it might be worth a try.


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  • You stop giving a fuck, you gives too much of a fuck. Be jewish with your fuck givings.. bloody ell... how to get out of friend zone? Jesus Christ, i can barely stand women, hence why they're all over me in my day to day life. Stop giving a fuck, life your life, find your passion, work on it, make it into a career and women will follow you like Gollum follows the ring.
    It's too late with that one, she already sees you as a chump, regardless of what any woman says the truth is what I've said.


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  • Nah just walk away

  • The defining feature of the friendzone is that girls put you in the box of "friend" which they have certain ideas about, so when you try to express yourself it doesn't work because you're "just" the friend. Guys have a hard time getting out of this because to guys "friend" doesn't mean the girl is not attractive or you only think of them a certain way or any of that.

    So the way to get out of that is to act like a suitor; someone who likes her and is interested in her and who acts on that. You also might need to dial back many of the aspects of being a friend and eventually say you don't want to be friends; you want to date. Again, stop acting like a "friend" as she conceives of it and act like a suitor. You may have to create some space, like stop talking to her for at couple weeks. Then next time you see her have some new clothes and a haircut or something going on, some new fresh look about you that adds to the idea that you're not exactly the same person and then be assertive (but not douchebaggy) about having more with her.

    • Thanks for giving me some advice. Pretty much everyone has commented for me to move on so thank you for trying to help me out.

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