Is it normal for you and your partner to run out of things to say?

My boyfriend wanted me to see him at work. I always already planning to so I brought him food and he took his break. But when we sat down I got the same feeling of anxiety when I talk to people in general and that anxiety comes from the idea that the other person isn’t so engaged in the conversation. He listened to me of course, and I listened to him but in between we had some silence and that freaked me out.

Im not the most humorous person but I find humor in little things. So I brought those up but he wasn’t into the jokes and didn’t bother to laugh (that’s who he is though. If he doesn’t find it funny, he won’t laugh or just do a tiny one). I just wanted to be reassured that I wasn’t boring him but it felt like it.


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  • At times... it's normal...

    • Can you elaborate?

    • Sitting in silence and enjoying each other's company is normal...

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