Whats tinder like?

I'm trying to get over my ex, and I've never done tinder before what is it like? If I register with my number will people be able to see that I joined because, I feel weird about trying tinder but I'm interested and I need to get over him.


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  • Tinder is a dating app that dumb people like to call a hook up app. It's really what you want it to be since you're an adult and can decide for yourself what your relationship is. Now hooking up with someone new is only a temporary fix I should warn you. Healing takes time. Take up a new hobby, focus on fitness or self improvement but understand that time will heal you. A dick won't. It'll just distract you for 15 minutes.

    • Thank you and wasn't looking for a hookup im not comfortable moving that fast but I guess I wanted to talk to a guy that made me feel good. But your right. I'm gunna definitely take up a hobby and hit the gym

  • memestatic.fjcdn.com/.../...ers_95e177_6533658.jpg

    Like this but multiply it times 1000.

    Oh you're a girl, nm. Don't know what it's like for you

  • It’s an interesting place I’ll tell you that. It’s hit or miss with p pole with good intentions, be wary haha

    Can you answer mine please? It’s on my page


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