Do virgin women in their 20s exist (in the united states)?

I am a virgin myself (by choice)


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  • Yeah some do

    • True true. I have another question. Can I ask you it?

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    • What do you think about a guy wanting a woman who loses their virginity to him?

    • Personally i dont think sex should be what's most important but i guess i could see where he's coming from

  • I am an American who waiting for marriage and over the age of 25.
    So yes, we do exist

    • Where do I find women like you?

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    • Completely agree. It is hard to find a girl that is a virgin in college but actually it's a great place. One of the best if not the best. I won't give up and will remain true to myself. Good luck to you as well. Then again like someone else said, sexual history is not the most important part of a girl to me either.

    • Just hope I find her in my last year is all

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