Should I ask this girl to be my girlfriend if it threatens our friendship?

There’s this girl I have begun talking with a lot of late and we began to get close. I know she doesn’t have a boyfriend and we go to the same high school and we work together. Anytime we’re around each other we talk constantly, smile at each other, and make each other laugh. The problem is I don't know for sure if she likes me and if she rejects me it’ll be really awkward. We haven’t been friends for very long, I would say a month now. I need advice on what I should do.


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  • Try to get her to spend more time around you and see if you can figure out what she thinks About you.

  • There's a low-risk way to do things like ask girls out and make moves on them. You don't have to confess feelings or ask them to be girlfriends prior to even dating them or any shit like that -- that would be making things awkward if you got rejected and seriously jeopardizing the friendship if you do.

    And in my opinion the low-risk ways are generally better because not only do they make rejections less awkward, but they probably improve the chances of the girl agreeing. If you just casually ask a girl out, even if she doesn't like you as much as you like her, she might entertain your offer thinking, "Why not, sounds fun" and over the course of spending that time together, she might catch up and start to like you the same way.

    • There was only one time in my lifetime where I had to make a high-risk move jeopardizing a relationship, and that was with my now-wife where I jammed an emergency stop button on an elevator to grab her and kiss her. But that's only because she had already rejected my casual offer to go on a date her once before, and that was second and last ditch "Hail Mary" attempt. Most of the times you don't have to risk the friendship in my opinion.

    • It's like you don't have to lunge from the driver's seat of your car to the passenger seat to kiss a girl. That's a high-risk move. You can ask for a hug at the end of the date when you walk her back to her home, then do a little dance with her, twirl her around, bring her close, face-to-face, and if she seems interested, plant her a kiss. That's a visual metaphor (not suggesting to do that literally) -- but maybe one that will help to understand how to tackle these things as a series of "low-risk" babystep maneuvers instead of one giant leap that could jeopardize everything.

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