Why won't my ex boyfriend leave me alone?

He believes one day I'm gonna crawl back to him because when I was 17 I told him I didn't mind if he dated other girls cause I didn't want to date, then a year later - I cut him off completely cause I got smarter.

Anyways, I'm a virgin, never masturbated and I don't do thot activities. I don't have time to be hitting the wall and riding the cock carousel.

He keeps trying to pressure me and make me feel insecure, but I've been a female MGTOW for a long time. I'm almost 20.

I don't want a man who has been sleeping with Instagram attention whores. He's a beta and a simp.

Should I pay someone to beat him up so he'll go away?


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  • No , he must think there is something there. Its up to you to tell him you are finished with him and moving on ……..


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