How do you date as a mixed person when you’re rejected by both whites and blacks?

Truthfully this has been a long time issue for me not white enough to pass as white but also not black enough it leaves me right in the middle and my dating life has suffered because of it cause what the hell do you do when neither race really accepts you and would rather choose one of their own
Lots of insight thanks


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  • I don't doubt that it can be tough for you as a mixed-race male, but are you sure there aren't other things that are making it difficult?

    • It’s really not I present myself as a good candidate to girls. I am very ambitious I have my own place, I pay my own bills, I’m putting myself through nursing school

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    • Yeah, without knowing where you are and the ethnic mix/social conditions in the area, it's hard to tell you who to target, but, in general, when you haven't had success with one group of women, you should target others.

    • Yeah white women hate me

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  • Like everyone else. You keep trying until it works.

    • Nothing is working

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    • I think I’m attracted to the wrong race

    • The kind of women I’m attracted to might not want to date guys like myself cause we are different

  • One of the problems of being mixed. Good luck, I guess.

    • It really sucks I feel so undesirable

  • Keep trying. Not everyone is so focused on race

    • Dude when I say white women ignore my flirting I’m serious it’s what inspired this question

    • All of them? what about Latinos or Asians?

    • Same

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