What do you think of his response? I asked him if I am messaging him too much and he said he understands I just want someone to talk to?

We met on an online dating site a few weeks or so, he texted me a lot at first, and I liked hearing from him every morning. Then sometimes he wouldn't sometimes he still does. The time he does not, I text first which has been more than not now. Thanks to God, he responds a lot and still sometimes initiates but am wondering why it is still not every morning anymore. I asked him if I am texting to much and apologized if so, he basically responded "well, I understand, you just want someone to talk to". I don't know what to think


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  • He likes you and will talk to you whenever you want but men just don't communicate well. He may have thought you didn't like it.

    • Thanks. When a guy likes a girl, wouldn't he send her messages first everyday? I hope that isn't a silly question.

  • Maybe he wants more than just talking

  • I dont get good vibes personally


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