Liar liar pants on fire?

I was on vacay with my boyfriend. He has always been protective of his phone. While he was about to show me something, I saw a message with emojis. I know it could be any of his friends but he doesn't really have ladies friend. I didn't mentioned anything. While he was in the bathroom, I tried to look at his phone and saw notification for snapchat and Instagram. (We dont have each other on social media)

during dinner, i randomly said "babe we're not on each other social media." And he's reply was "i dont have Ig or snapchat.. only use FB as a messenger app".

What can i do to know if he's cheating on me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Get one of your friends he doesn't know to compliment one of his pictures on instagram and add him. If he starts hitting on her you know whats up.

    I'm fairly convinced he's cheating though. I think it'd be satisfying to catch him red handed like that though.

    • Hmm the thing is I dont know is account name, tried searching with mobile number and email add but i can't find it. How can I find out?

    • Just get your friend to find him through facebook and flirt with him on there then, if he's dirty she will have his instagram or snapchat super quick because he won't want you seeing anything on facebook :P

What Girls Said 2

  • I think the best option here is to be upfront with him. Put him on the spot. Let him know you saw IG and SC notifications and that you know he is hiding his social media from you. He will have trouble coming up with a lie if you ask him on the spot. Overall the situation does sound very suspicious.

  • Send him text, and aske him so hows your other girlfriends doing? Can we go out shopping together... ? See what his respond is, if he jokes about it then he is good, then ask him how his wife is and how does she thinks he is with you? If he responds openly and joking that means his is faithful to you... but if he gets angry, and tells you what the hell, why why why and doesn't joke and you just tell him i was just kidding or messing with you, then you know now his is guilty and knows something he thought you will never find out! I done this to guys and they mess up on their words big time bc they got caught. Try it it may work and it may not work. Thats my own opinion, you dont need to agree at all.


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