How do I know a woman finds me attractive?

I apologize for the long post, but I would REALLY appreciate if someone could help me out on this!

I have always struggled with this. I want to understand this better.. I have received quite a few compliments and I am in good shape, but I haven't been very social for a very long time. Now that I want to get back in the game and approach women, I want to understand some of these elements. Here are a few examples that I don't get:

- Sometimes a woman will keep prolonged eye contact.
- Sometimes she'll see me and quickly look down or to the side.
- Sometimes we will walk past each other, she'll look at me from the distance, but when we get closer, she'll pretend to look at something else on the side.
- Sometimes she will look a bit nervous, start fidgeting when I am close to her in the gym. I can't tell if she is uncomfortable of me being nearby or perhaps she likes me and I made her feel a bit nervous.
- Sometimes I'll see a woman looking at me several times
- Sometimes a woman will pretend to look around my direction and for a split second they'll look at me.
- Sometimes I'll see a woman looking at me through the corner of her eye

It's possible that I am over analyzing this and if that is the case, then I apologize, but...

Whatever the case is, I almost never see an emotion. It almost feels like they are testing me, especially with the prolonged eye contact. They keep a neutral face, mostly known as the ''resting b*tch face''. Could someone please explain these things to me? I feel a bit frustrated.


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  • As a woman, I feel like we play with guys when first meeting them/getting their attention. I guess it’s a test or for fun or because we’re shy. Either that or we give off really confusing signals. Take your pick.


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  • This is much less importan than you think. Focus on having a good convo with her and impressing her with your confidence and personality. Her thoughts about your appearance are already baked in.

    • These are girls on the street and the gym. I don't know them, so I cannot have a good conversation from the get-go. I want to know which of these are subtle signs that they find me attractive.

    • It's harder to read them because they usually have their guard up in those environments. There is in General a lot of fog on a woman's thoughts on your Looks, so that is why I tell you not to Focus on it. Women at the gym are generally focused on working out anyway.

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