Am I on the route being ghosted here? What’s happening?

I work at a cafe and there’s this regular customer whom I’ve gotten along quite well. He also asked for my Facebook.

Subsequently I notice (according to my colleagues too) that he always and only comes around on the days I work. When he’s here he talks to me a lot too. Once he even waited for me to end my shift just so we could hang around, to just sit down and talk.
I figured he was interested in me.

The thing is - sometimes he takes a period of time before replying, and at times he doesn’t reply at all.
What makes it worse is that he has started a new second job (and along with his current job) so according to him he is very busy - such that he doesn’t come over anymore.

I understand that some people are just not much of a texter but since he couldn’t make it to see me, he should make an effort at least online if he is interested. (What leaves me confused is that however if we do text he still seem and sound very much interested. And at times he replies really fast.)

I’m quite worried that if this goes on the “sparks” may just die off.


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  • Sounds like he's losing interest somewhat... maybe hoping things would progress further between you two and frustrated that it hasn't happened. Can you just be direct with him about it and ask how he feels and what his expectations are?


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