What to do if he also talks to other girls?

There’s this guy who has some trust issues. When I met him, he said he doesn’t want to get into a relationship because of that, but we were both interested in each other and it was visible. After some time, I got tired of him behaving hot and cold and asked him to be just friends. 2 months later he started dating another girl (who he said is the best girl he’s ever met) who cheated on him. After about 3 weeks after they broke up, he started talking to me again and we’re doing really great, but he’s also talking and, as our mutual colleagues say, flirting with other girls.

What should I do about it? Is there some way to show him that we could be great together? We used to have a really good connection and we’re slowly building it again, but I feel like he doesn’t take relationship with any girl seriously.
  • Leave it, he’s a player
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  • Leave it, he won’t want to have a relationship with you
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  • Fight for it (also, how?)
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  • Other (please write in the comments) :)
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  • I’d leave honestly, he sounds like he attaches to people when he doesn’t have attention

    Can you answer mine on my page please?

  • You're too young to be in a relationship anyway


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  • First option. Leave it, he's a player.
    No girl with trust issues would go and flirt around with random girls. Usually when a person has trust issues that means they're loyal but afraid to get cheated on.
    Then another thing is that he needed only three weeks to ask u to get back together? After he dumped you for no apparent reason he suddenly wants you back?

    That'll only gonna leave you hurt so you better just stop talking.

  • Throw the whole guy away lol jk i think you should remain friends so that he doesn't hurt you. Keep your distance please.


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