Should I date a person that is bipolar?

I like this girl that is bipolar but she even when in her random moments acts nice to me but from her past boyfriends they only have hell to say but I just wanted to ask should I ask her out?


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  • If you really like her, go for it. You just have to keep the fact that she is bipolar in mind and that she can't really control that and you will kinda have to put up with the random mood changes. It may be hard, but Im sure it will be worth it

    • She is some one I have started to not just like I think I love her more than anything now

    • o dang ๐Ÿ‘€ go for it then

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  • If you think you can deal with it, and there is medicine for it

    • I can deal with her she truly doesn't want to have bipolar actions near me that's why I like her

    • Sometimes itโ€™s beyond their control, she can get medicine later on for it if she wants to get treated if it gets worse later on

    • True but to me she is perfect either way

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  • It will be veeeery hard for you to deal with her. I wouldn't risk. Bipolar people are much more different than others


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