I said something mean to my boyfriend this morning and he left his phone at home and gone out, I feel really sad , I’m worried he hates me now?

I just want to cry , I regret hurting his feelings I’m scared he will never speak to me again


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  • If you don't say what you said, there's not much we can do. It completely depends on what you said.

    • He sent me a pic on Snapchat if him tensing his atm and I said stop it you look gAy

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    • @Blondygirl1993
      I mean, he has a girlfriend, her being you, so that's fine.
      Even if it kinda struck him (and I don't know why, maybe he's still trying to figure out if he's attracted to men or not, who knows), he'll probably forgive you pretty easily for something as little as this. Him making a slightly big deal out of this would be overreacting in my opinion.

    • I think it was more because he didn’t feel like I was in his side and I was taking the piss out of him about it which I shouldn’t be doing as I’m his girlfriend and I should be supporting him through this bad time he is having :( I was just in a bad mood but I would never hurt him on purpose so I hope he wouldn’t think that about me

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  • Lol, you’re overreacting and being dramatic. Don’t worry, he’ll come around and forgive you. But first forgive yourself and try to not be so hard on yourself


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  • You may as well check that phone and complete the circle

  • Ohh quit over reacting.. he'll talk to you when he doesny feel as upset.

  • What did you say?

    • Don’t want to get into it x

    • Not sure how we can help then.
      You said something you regret and now you feel bad... okay! We all do it

    • @Rixdare I just miss him and I’m upset he left his phone at home to avoid me , I’m scared he’ll never want to speak to me again x

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  • Did you tell him that he can't fuck?


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