What can be done so that (average) men have a decent chance to date women and find a girlfriend💑?

We all know how the average dude nowadays barely stands a chance in dating women since most women consider only the top 20% of all men attractive (stats of plenty of fish last i remember). And men find most likely not any less than 50% of women attractive.
just today i saw plenty of beautiful women in the city with someone. And i found 80% of them attractive.

what can be the solution to this problem?

What can be done so that (average) men have a decent chance to date women and find a girlfriend💑?

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  • Double the amount of women on the planet
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  • have men lower their standards
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  • make men earn more money
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  • media turnover to value men not any less than women and in reverse
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  • men should stop being stupid (George Carlin was right. this is what makes women crazy)
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  • other
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  • average men have no problems dating women and getting a girlfriend
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Lol I voted “men should stop being stupid”. I’m sorry but it’s true. Most men are CLUELESS! 😆 it’s amusing! But it’s okay, the thing is, they try TOO hard to impress women. They see us as if we were aliens from outer space and we need to have special treatment for us to like you.

    This is NOT the case at all! You need to behave in a way that lets us know “you’re not special.” I know how this sounds but it isn’t what you think it is. Do NOT be an asshole, but don’t treat us differently than how you treat your friends or family. Seriously, that’s the trick and the key.

    Also! Take care of your hygiene and looks. PLEASE. Lots of men think they can get away with personality - this is UNTRUE. Most women want at least a semi attractive man with a healthy looking body! You don’t need a six pack, you just have to look healthy and you need to reflect that you take care of yourself. Take care of your teeth, try to not have acne, clean hair, smell good, trim or shave, etc.

    • Its hard you know. Since girls never say what they want


      Guy :wanna do something

      Girl :nah

      Guy :okay

      Half an our later

      Girl: hey why didn't you take me anywhere

      Guy: but i asked you and you said no

      Girl: but i obviously didn't mean it. gosh you guys are so dumb. were not that hard to understand



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    • Yeah. i agree with mgtows on something but i dont agree with their mentally of "all women are thots , therefore.¡fuck all women !"

    • 'try not to have acne' you know it's not as simple as magicing it away right. I have been using anti acne soap for a year now and while it has gotten less, it hasn't fully gone.

Most Helpful Guys

  • Simple

    • Okay and more specifically how do you imagine would average guys use wisdom to snatch one of those pretty ladies?

    • I did not say they should...
      I just say if u want to solve the problem, you have to be wise

  • When the 'average' man tries to go after an alpha girl, he's most likely to get shot down. There's a lot of average women out there who would love to have a boyfriend. A guy just needs to clean himself up and treat her with respect. He'll go far.

    • What even is an "alpha" girl in other words? FYI i don't believe in that alpha beta BS.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Many guys underestimate how dateable they are. A boy doesn't have to be above average to get a girl.

  • I would say to lower their standard.
    I've heard of average men wanting to date only very pretty women and it didn't worked.


What Guys Said 12

  • I voted other, some women should lower there standards.

    I do see women with respectable standards and I'm fine with those but some women want 6ft+ , abs and rich when they haven't even put in any effort to get a six pack.

    Six packs aren't gender exclusive, if a woman wants one on a man she should try for one as well.

    • I agree. These females will end up with players most likely because players can get many of them like buses in the city.

  • Women are raised to believe they are entitled princesses. They are fed that stuff from the time they are really young. Till that situation is reversed a lot of "average" men will either have to be content with being single or dramatically lower their standards to have any chance.

  • Whenever I hear "average men don't stand a chance" I get confused. I mean if it was true, then most men wouldn't have girlfriends. Also, I've seen plenty of guys who were the biggest losers in the world have hot girlfriends.

  • I voted men should stop being stupid. Why? Because we are fucking retards when it comes to dating.

  • I see some men saying shit like. quadruple the amount of women. that would just make the top 10% of men get 4 times more pussy

    • And increase the odds for average men by 4 times too 😎

  • Ahem, uh, maybe your standards are a mite too high?

    • Not mine 😆

      But non-smoker can be considered a high standard and I'm not compromising on that since i don't smoke myself.

    • That is a reasonable standard, espec. since only about 20% of women smoke. But what about looks...

    • Huh. A few years ago stats mentioned 80% of all population in my country of residence are smokers (and I'm not in Germany).

      I find 80% of women attractive, so looks are only a minor but important factor for me.

      And my problem with dating is that I'm a migrant. I plan to move away from where i am anyway and i don't tend to speak a lot of the countries language in general. I'm used to it. In fact i mostly speak English here and barely anyone speaks English where i am. I'm in a city with a million population count. The city is good, the country is not.
      I know what my problems are and I'm working on them for years now.

      Anyway this question is directed at average guys, not specifically me.

  • Lol many women don't even stand a chance with that 20% cus they are ugly af

    • I have seen literally " NOTHING" girls wanting to be with the top 20% lol , they should live in reality and settle for the bottom 5% , they we're that unattractive

    • Were *

  • Nothing at all.

  • Ban fake up and try and get guys to stop orbiting

  • l would love to date a girl

  • Not capable

  • Reverse Thanos snap the number of women on the planet


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