Should I end things?

After a fight with my boyfriend and after apologizing, he says he will think about forgiveness and he’s using it as an opportunity to go out clubbing whiles I’m home with him. Just because I told him not to wear something that wasn’t appropriate for an event. Now I’m tired of begging and don’t know what else to do. Any advice?


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  • End the things with him because he doesn't deserve you... everything is acceptable as long as he loves only you and never go outside to such places without you...

    As long as your his only girl, everything can be fixed but as soon as he starts something from any kind with another woman, this will be thr end!


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  • I think you two should really sit down and talk one last time and if you guys can’t come to terms then I’d let go. I don't know, I think his matter can be resolved between you two and I hope you guys do make up. I really mean that

    Can you answer my question please, it’s on my page?

    • I’ve tried that but still, he even refused food I offered but later ate when I was asleep

    • Damn, well honestly I’d separate from him for a day and two and see if you really want it to be over cause you gotta think about yourself and your feelings first

    • Sure I trying to move away for awhile

  • this guy sounds immature. he could have taken your suggestion into consideration and explained himself. maybe that's what caused the fight?

    you are both going to have opinions on everything, and they are not always going to be the same. if you don't see eye to eye more than less of the time, then there are going to be problems.

    if you are waiting for his forgiveness. that's b. s. that's not how adults act. he can be mad, but you still have a relationship. it's not a free pass to wear a fishnet shirt to a club and hook up. j/s

  • Yes get the pills out


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