Guy I'm dating wants the key to my heart. His response "I'm going to crawl in there & u won't even know how it happened" should I be worried?


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  • Hellow, how are you doing? Well, it is very unlikely you can fall deep into that guy. He sounds stupid. Unless he is hot, ofc.

    From my practice the girls who fell deep into me were not those I dated, but those I rarely spoke or met. It's actually quite hard to notice as all the girls are very modest and shy.

    Plus, it's not enough to talk the girl to bed to make her fall in love. It requires quite an effort by the guy to work on himself (gym, business, outfit, car, luxury stuff etc.)

  • Seems like a weird thing to say honestly lol. But if he knows love at all, he should also know he can't make it happen, it will or it won't. He's either really cocky and arrogant, or naive lol


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