Does anyone get me?

Everytime a man has tried to play me I only got smarter.

Now when men talk to me I completely ignore them.

I rarely find men cute at all. Even if you are attractive and you flirt with me, I'll ignore and avoid you. Then the attraction will wear off fast.

The only way for a man to ever win my heart is to be in tap with my spiritual and psychological nature.

I can read people's body language, mind and behavior too easily. They're too predictable.

My ex boyfriend tried to play me and turn me out but I never touched him at all... I only took what I learned from him and became even more smarter than him.


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  • Try me... but when you realize what i'm doing, it will be too late 🤣


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  • Sounds more like you have trust issues than added intelligence. But, it is good to be aware that shitheads exist.

    • No. I'm very good at predicting things. I wouldn't call it trust issues. I call it being self aware. But no... I don't trust other people. Not even my mom..

    • I don't either, so, I can't exactly judge you.

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  • Take your time and when you understand her then go for it

  • You’re interesting

  • I would say, "then stop going after players". But I have to acknowledge the fact that we attract who we are. So, have fun with that.


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