Girls, would you get turned off by a man if he has speech impediment (such as stuttering, lisp, etc.) and is a bit shy as a person?

I'm just wondering since I'm a guy who is soft-spoken, occasionally stutters when talking and is a bit shy in person (not shy enough to meet new people and give a very brief talk buy shy enough to be mostly reserved and not talk much about myself). The funny thing is, I'm an amateur boxer and have no fear of fighting anyone (even if the person has more experience and is bigger than me) but I still have some uneasy feelings of meeting and getting to know new people, especially if it's girls who I secretly find very attractive.
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What Girls Said 1

  • I think a speech impediment isn’t all that bad, one of my closest friends stutters quite often, and he has still had good relationships. Being shy isn’t a turn off either I don’t think. If you truly are insecure about it, I’ve heard therapy can help with some stuttering. But no, if you are an intelligent, caring, and driven guy then I don’t see why any of the other stuff matters.


What Guys Said 1

  • i'm shy and i always talk in a depressed tone because i don't feel like attracting attention towards me.
    when i'm happy or just very active i'll be very loud which is something i hate about myself.


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