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I m with a guy for 3 months. I agreed to be exclusive with him , but he won't commit saying he needs independence. I planned all the dates and gave him a lot of surprises. I m tired of being a good 'gf' for someone who doesn't appreciate it. I met a guy 2 weeks ago who really likes me ; he treats me really well, and he makes me really happy. I kissed him once under the circumstances that I agreed to be exclusive with someone. I really dont know what to do


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  • Why did you kiss the other new guy? Don't you even realize you are in a relationship with the guy you were for 3 months?

    Did you even consider that before kissing another guy?

    • Yes , but the same time I think he is talking to some other girl. So I think being exclusive just meant we dont have sex with others

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    • Even if he isn't willing to commit and bring me to see his parents?

    • If he shows that move, it just simply means he may not be fully ready to take things to the next level.

      That being said, I would introduce you to my parents before having a real intimate relationship!

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  • Forget the guy you have been with for 3 months, if he wants to be independent let him. You deserve a guy who treats you well and appreciates you.


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  • Can you put up with this any longer? I’d take a break from him for a bit to decide what it is that you want out of this relationship and then tell him. If he can’t givr that to you I’d leave him be

    Can you answer mine please, it’s on my page it’s the most recent.

  • You agree to be exclusive, nice'n sweet in exchange for what?

  • So. You cheated?


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