Pretty sure my best friends boyfriend is into me. What Should I do?

my friend has been with this guy (call him Jared) for over a year. She used to be with this guy she’s been crushing on, but he tried getting with me when she was first going out with Jared. I feel good that I rejected him & told my friend about it.
The thing is Jared is a nice guy, they both lost their virginities together and whatnot but lately I get a weird vibe that his into me.

trying to sum up, we would all Snapchat together and then now for the past couple of weeks he’ll Snapchat me, responding to my story or something. I’ll go ahead and ignore him and he’ll call me out on it. Which sucks because I never Snapchat anyone and I feel like it’s rude to like ignore him, but I don’t have anything to say. He’s never been flirty, but he’s always trying to be helpful/nice or get me to hang out with him and my best friend.

He sounds ok, but like it’s just I don't know out of the norm for someone to want to go get me a spot in the dmv when I tell him I don’t have my id, or that I should come to his house to get something of mine that I forgot. As I’m typing this I feel like I might be overacting, but it makes me uncomfortable that he wants to constantly Snapchat me all the time. I don’t want my best friend to think I’m trying to take her man. Especially since the guy she used to be in love with tried getting with me.


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