Is this guy playing mind games with me to get me deeper or, is he just a playboy not taking this seriously?

We met online through a dating app. We had only 2 dates so far but, we both felt that we have known each other for way longer.

On the first date, he was very nervous. The first impression he gave me was he’s a little shy. He’s for sure a gentlemen and his gestures shows that he wants to impress me. He messages me in the morning every day and making sure that my day was good. He planned the dates and he wants to make sure that I am having a great time. He pays for everything including the Uber ride. And no, we have not had sex yet but we did made out on the 2nd date. We both had a really good time and he didn’t even want to go home.

I made it clear I don’t sleep with men easily and usually takes me 2 months to get there. He told me that is fine. And he’s looking for the right one and he’s a relationship type of guy. He’s definitely smart and sometimes, his mouth is full of sugar.

Honestly, everything was great until today. He went to visit his family in another city. I found out he ignores my texts but goes on whatsapp. Which means he’s on his phone, saw my message, and ignores it... And he replies me couple hours later. I know it only has been 2 dates and it is not exclusive. He has the right to talk or see other girls at the mean time but, he did tell me he was only interested in one person and that is me!

Am I thinking too much? What should I do?
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  • It's only been 2 hours? Is give him more than that of he's preoccupied by family or work. Give him 24-48hrs

  • Over thinking it.

  • Simple he wants to fuck you


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