Live with a smoker?

Would you live with someone who smokes cigaretts even if you hate cigaretts, but love the person?
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  • No, I have lung issues. Probably die when I'm sleeping tbh. I hate it that my dad smokes.


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  • Maybe, but only if they would at least make an effort to quit and I'd much prefer it if they did it outside the house and not inside, as passive smoking is supposed to be just as bad.


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  • If you are not married to him or her, dump him or her ASAP. It will add an extra 20 years to your life.

    • Been dating for 2 years. She is fightimäng to quit but she always says she will stoo. She never smokes in front of me or when she is with me. partys are exceptions. I care for her but that does not help. Exackly whst i am. affraid of. To live with a smoker the rest of my life. :-( father smoked for 20 years. Had cancer few years back. To clarify it sure has nothing to do with smoki g but i do not want to risk and go over something like that again..

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    • 3. Hand smoking is something new for me.

      Don't ypu think i have thought of that? The future of kids her health and everything else. That wats killing me :-(
      Well it suck so. much yoi know.. we love each other a LOT we never argue we did have some big fights and it was every time about the smoking. We actually fit really well together. But as you state. The problem. is still there and 2 years after at the same point. We have plans moving in together so i do not know whst to do.. thats why i have stsrted to think that it is maybe best to let her go. What do you think?

      Thanks for the reply <3

    • I agree with you, that it's better to let her go. Do be prepared for her to cry and say that she will change. Once you decide to let go, be firm in your stand, and not look back.

  • I'm a smoker myself so yes probably.


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