Need help determining if a guy likes me?

Just to be clear from the start, we are both Christians. I'm 18, he's 28 we met at a Christian camp. I talked to him a couple of times during the week I was there, he asked one of my guy friends about me... My friend hinted that I was interested in him. We became friends on fb and he started following me on instagram, he sometimes msgs me, likes my posts, comments on my stuff, and reply's to my instagram stories... I'm just not sure if he's interested in me too and he's just unsure of himself or I'm just getting my hopes up. Can anyone help me? P. S sorry for the lengthy post. :/
... This isn't really an "update" just somethings I left out. I updated my profile with my status :single. And added my phone number and some other things... A couple of days later I saw that he'd done the same thing. And I changed my profile pic today which he also updated 1hr after I did.
Update alert! He doesn't like me... He has a freaking girlfriend! No lie, four days after I ask this question I find this out... As you can imagine I'll cry my eyes out tonight. I have no idea why he msged me if he has a girlfriend.


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  • There's the possibility of interest, but 10 years is quite a spread in age. That has to be taken into consideration.

    • Agreed... But I myself like older guys, and don't find it that big of a deal... I'm not sure what he thinks sooo yeah. Lol.

    • Nothing wrong with preferring older men at all.

  • Sounds like he's interested. Be proactive. Pursue.

    • So do you think I should comment and reply to his stories too? Or try to keep it on the DL and do one thing at a time?

    • I'd be somewhat aggressive without going overboard and looking creepy stalkerish. Like/comment on some but not all and also DM and try to set up a personal rapport. It's always awkward in the beginning but you should quickly be able to understand whether his intentions are just friendship or something more. Have fun with that!

    • Thank you!

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