Am I a bad person for wanting my friend to stay single?

My best friend and I are both single and most of my friend are in relationships so it’s nice to have her be single Aswell so we have girls nights in and just watch movie and have free time to spend with each other. I’m not looking for a guy or relationship any time soon and she isn’t either but recently we went to a couple parties together and she got asked out by 3 different guys. I don’t really like the guys who asked her out I don’t think any of them are good enough for her. And I know then all from high school and she’s been my best friend since we were 5. I really don’t see her with any of them. But she said yes to a date with this one guy after being asked out at all the parties she finally said yes to one of them and I don’t know if I’m jealous that she got asked out and I didn’t or if I just want her to stay single. I love her a lot and want her to be happy but I feel sad about her dating. And it makes me feel really left out even tho before I was fine with not having a boyfriend. I even hooked up with my ex at one of the parties cus I was feeling so left out cus there weren’t that many single people there. I don’t know what to do. I’ve been asked out before but not for a while now but none of the guys were my type and I wasn’t interested so I said no. And now they have gfs and are happy and I’m kicking myself cus I feel so left out and alone


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  • Yeah that's pretty shitty and selfish.

  • Yeah that's selfish and narcissistic


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  • You're being selfish. Don't only think about yourself. If she wants to try date one of those Guys then let her be, I mean sooner or later she will get into a rel anyway so what's the point of pulling her back. Same goes for you

    • I’m not pulling her back I’ve been nothing but supportive I told her I hope the date goes well and smiled I never said anything about how I really feel. I really don’t see how I’m being selfish if I’m keeping my true feelings to myself

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    • Well maybe you shouldn’t call people selfish because I’m going through hard stuff in my life and I’m really lonely and I’m just trying to let my feelings out

    • I'm not calling you selfish out of the blue. U asked this question and provided details and I just explained my opinion.
      It's a lot more common between friends than you think tho. So don't overthink it

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