How do I choose the right girl?

There's these 4 different girls I see "regularly" in about a weeks time. They dont know each other, and i'm sure they barely know of me too. I think each and every one of them is cute, but I don't talk to any of them in a friendly manner or often for that matter. So I figured, that if the time comes, I'd be direct and ask one of them out. They're pretty much all employees at places I tend to visit often, but like I said, I think they're ALL cute and I know nothing about any of them, except maybe their 1st names (cuz nametags). I dont know which one to ask out and why, and no, I won't ask out all 4. I respect them enough to not feel like pawns in my "romantic" games.


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  • First off, I completely relate to being interested in multiple people, what a trip. But I think you should think a little deeper about the situation for a second. You make it sound as though you would walk right up to them and ask them out, which doesn’t seem to be a very good idea. I suggest that you maybe ask for their number if you really are interested and talk to them for a bit. After all, since asking for their number is for getting to know them and be friends, I don’t see anything wrong with asking for all of their numbers. Just to see what kind of person they are. After you learn more about them, think about your standards, and decide who to keep going with.
    Hope this helps, good luck!

  • You should ask One the one you think more about. You could try not to see them for a week or two and see who you miss the most


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