I've been dating this guy for 3 months, why has he suddenly stopped calling?

We got together at his best friend's wedding and I already knew ahead of time that he had a 2 year old girl and was going through a divorce with his abusive wife. We had been getting together a few times a week and having a great time. Two weeks ago I went on a weekend vacation with my family to the beach. I called him when I got back and he seemed very distant and seemed very annoyed with everything that was going on with his divorce and most of what he had to say was negative stuff about his ex. Then he was also upset that his mom was having some medical problems. He told me that he had to watch his kid a lot, but that he might have a few hours to spend on Saturday, but he would let me know. When I called him on Friday he didn't answer his phone. I wasn't expecting to spend anytime with him based on our last conversation. I called him again on Saturday and his phone was off, and it continued to remain off for the rest of the weekend. It has been a week now since I have talked to him and I'm thinking that either he is back with his ex, or going through a really hard time. Why hasn't he tried to contact me? Things were going so well and now they are suddenly non-existent.


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  • Honestly, none of us are mind readers or psychics. He could be dealing with a lot and yes he could be back with his ex. The fact that he complained a lot about his ex was an indication of what kind of effect she has on him. Now, the only thing you can do is leave him a message saying "hi I hope everything is going ok. Let me know if you have some free time." and leave it at that. A kid, an ex and a sick mom is a full plate. He may just be trying to work things out right now. All you can do is let him know you're around. As for you, prepare for the worst but hope for the best. It's not easy but focus on you.

  • If you text him to just let him know that you want to be there for him during this difficult time, and that you understand if he can't devote too much time to you right now might help...If you hear back from him, great if not he is the one that will lose out..Even a guy with a lot of stress and a kid, etc can take 2 minutes out of his day to say hi, or to let you know what is going on. Especially if you have been spending a lot of time together. I am finding myself to be in the same situation with a guy who has full custody of his kids, he's a bit hot/cold with his texts/calls. I had a conversation with him once, saying that he could at least text to say hi, etc once in a while, etc. Nobody is THAT busy. His loss, and potential loss to his kids if he doesn't put an effort to get me more in his life.

    Good luck!