How do you start a date?

I really need help, I've never dated in my life and have never been very good at conversations (just in general), but I've reached new levels of confidence as of late so I can actually talk to people and play off the response, anyways like I was saying I still kinda suck with girls. I'm take this music class in college and it's in this large auditorium and we can sit where ever we want but it's been three weeks and I sit in a row with some girl but yeah. The next time we have class she sit closer and closer to now for the first time we are sit almost right next to each other, and yeah she really cute. I felt such a strong connection to her, but only time to time do I glance and see her. We usually laugh at the same jokes the professor make, which are really corny. I don't know I think I would like to be with her. I haven't even talked to her, every time after class I want to introduce myself but it's so hard what if I become my old self or something that isn't myself but yeah, if everything goes well I don't know what to do after that either you're thoughts or suggestions? They would be very helpful.


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  • As far as I understood, you have never spoken to her. You can ask her something about the music you're doing or anything connected to your class, tell her "I am (your name) by the way" and ask her for her name or surprise her by mentioning her name during the conversation. If you find it difficult to find the moment, don't think too much about it, just go ahead when you see her next time. After you have spoken to her a few times, you will know if she likes you and you can go further offering her to spend time together in college, like having drinks or lunch there. You don't need to worry, if you're drawn to her, give it a go.

    • Thanks we don't really have assignments in that class and it's really old timey monk music right now lol. The teach lectures the whole time so everyone is really quite. The room has a echo affect so everyone can heard you i just dont want to fail and everyone see it and she super embarrassed. But your right i think just gotta give it a go with full confidence. Thank you so much. I hope karma is on your side this week.

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  • If there is something going on between you to start with, by talking to her a bit you can ask her out. Try to get her alone so that it wouldn't be awkward for her and ask her if she wants to go do something sometime (up to you to plan the date.) Getting the girl alone and making the perfect opportunity to ask her out was always the hardest part for me.

  • You’re in College huh? Don’t bother. That cute girl is spending the weekends in a frat house with black dick in her mouth. Dating is dead bro. Try to bed her and then move on.

    • You're such fucking asshole thanks for crushing my hope and dreams lmao

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    • My point is that you're talking absolute shit.

    • @englisc No I'm not.

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