Ask over phone or better in person?

ok so here's the deal. I've been giving my girl time to herself and it been like up and down. She recently ask can she see me and I told her this weekend.

I want to ask her now where we stand? Because I dont do the "just friends" thing if that what she wants. Is it best to talk about it now or wait to I see her in person this week and ask face to face. I was thinking the latter but I don't know.


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  • Just go for the kiss on her lips after the end of the 2nd date and you will know where you stand. If she gives you the cheek, she has to be the one to ask you out for the 3rd date. If she still gives you the cheek on the 3rd date, she is not interested. Be sure to use the word "date" for your 2nd meeting. That's how you know if she just wants to be friends or not. Asking her directly where you stand is not the best idea.


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  • Everything is better in person, unless you're making fun of someone who can reliably fuck you up.

  • Face to face

    • Yea I asked her like 2 days ago. Then she want to meet up to see my new apt as well. I figured she would say no because how things been but she responded "yes. Sounds good!" Like she really want to meet. So I should just ask the question when I see her then

    • Yeah, get things out in the open. You can get more feedback from facial exoressions and body language talking face to face.

  • Most girls always appreciate face to face over anything else


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