How would you respond to ‘you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve never met’?

Matched with a guy few months ago, we never met because I was too busy and timing was off, so I told him I’m too busy to date.

Two months later, he randomly texts me to say hi and if I wanted to go for a drink sometime. I texted him back saying how I’m surprised he remembers me and he said ‘how can I not remember you, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve never met’

How would you respond to that kind of compliment?


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  • That will depend on where you want to take things. See it as an unofficial dating strategy because everyone does it but not everyone wants to aknowledge it because is better not to. For example:

    The guy can go slow or fast by saying:
    "Hi, how are you?" Or "hello beautiful, I hope you are having a wonderful morning."

    Then you know how far he is pushing things, you can push back or give in by saying:

    " I am ok" or "I am doing fine" or "Thank you! I am doing great today 🙂"

    Depending on how you respond to his messages he will keep pushing forward. Maybe until he reach the point of asking you for lunch, on a date or reveal his feeling.

    Be careful, many guys will just be nice to everyone and be very charismatic. Some have good intentions others just use the charisma to get into girls pants.

    So as what to respond, that depends to you. Do you want to keep him hook on texting you write something nice along the lines of "thank you, you really made my day ☺️" if not then write something like " Thank you" or "you think so?' then he will know playing as the overly nice guy ain't gona work out because you will not give in that way.

    To topic of, if he is a good candidate or is he's intentions are for a long relationship or a hookup that is another topic that need explanation as well, but I think you are not asking for that.

    I hope that helps you, goodluck!

    But hope

  • Tell him, "bitch please". Because we all know he's a liar. You're just another hoe.


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