He thought I asked him to be my bf?

I've been seeing this guy for 3months and we are okay. We enjoy each other’s company when we are together and when we are not together he makes sure to reach out to me messaging me on Whatsapp. I never try to reach out to him first. I only reply when he messages or calls. He is a great guy but he has trust issues due to past girls he dated and been with.

A few days ago he visited me and I cooked for him. We had a good conversation. He tried to have sx with me but I told him no. So when we were having convo i listened to his stories like the girls he dated and girls that became his gfs. It then occurred to me that he is that type of guy that can go with the flow with a girl without having label. He is a nice guy i think but he has trust issues. Perhaps he was traumatized with his past girls before.

I told him i dont like to give boyfriend benefits to someone unless he becomes my boyfriend. there's no prob dating and getting to know someone but til that only. we even bantered with this topic of no label.

When he went home he then sent me a meme about s*x. I told him it was too funny and i told him in a joking way that he even made me fell on the floor and i bumped my head by the way when he tried to have sx with me (which really happened and my head still hurts lol) Then he replied”thats what happens when you dont go with the flow lol”
So to me since we have talked about the go with the flow no label rel and he knows my view on that i told him that “nah i dont like that situationship. Lol. Ill go with the flow if a guy is really with me.”

I told him that because he has also trust issues. He sometimes is suspicious about me. Because of the girls he has been with before.

He replied,”wait are you asking me to be your bf? weve only hung out a few times so far. ill think about it..”
I was so shocked. I told him,”no i wasn't asking you to be my boyfriend. I was replying. Are you serious or joking with your reply?”
Continuation: So he didn't reply lol for 6days already. And i didn't message him again. Im offended because i tried my best to be formal with him and make things clear but he took my reply i guess the wrong way. He has always told me he is concerned about me. Til now i feel quite annoyed that he acted that way. 😞 i never ask a guy to be my boyfriend because im not that type of gal who makes first move to a guy


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  • ookay what are you asking?

    • Why did he even think that? i got confused. My question is he didn't reply til now :/

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