Why does this guy want to talk to my new guy friend?

There was a guy who broke things off with me. He says that he doesn’t want anything to do with me, ok fine I accept that. He even went as far as saying that he was going to get a restraining order if I tried to talk to him again. I’m not here to have anyone take my side or anything like that but I can only speak from my own experience and say that while going out with this guy he was very selfish and criticized me a lot about the small things. He also said that I was too clean. Things didn’t end well with us. I also noticed that almost every girl he has dated he claims they were “crazy”, all of them. I guess he was always blameless for the most part. Well back to now... I’m seeing someone new and he found out about it and now he calls me a ho, well he tells my friends that I’m a ho. When I heard about the slander I got really upset and confronted him about it. I know that was stupid of me to do so. He then said that he was gonna get a restraining order against me. He used that as me bothering him. He also wanted to talk to the new guy that I’m seeing. His exact words to him was “hey can I talk to you man to man and tell your girl to leave me alone” he then tells the new guy that I’m seeing that “hey man call me it’s something about her that I need to tell you”. I don’t know what that is but why did he need to tell the guy that I’m seeing something about me? What is the point in that if he wants nothing to do with me. Also he still hasn’t gotten the so called restraining order yet either it’s been almost a month and no I don’t contact him. What is the deal with this guy and do you think I made the right choice to keep moving forward? I completely let it go and haven’t said another word to him. Why all of a sudden he decided not to get the restraining order? Please only nice honest responses. No rude or disrespectful comments please and thank you :)


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