Why do people ghost if they know it’s shitty?

This girl I was talking to knew that ghosting was shitty and cowardly, yet she ghosted me. I’m confused..


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  • That’s cowardly. It’s like punching someone when they walk a way it’s just a bit of a pussy move

    • Yeah really weird situation just makes me more confused

  • I recently ghosted someone as well... It is a terrible last option, and is very cowardly. But sometimes our emotions get in the way of thinking clearly. I was in a relationship with a friend a while ago, and then we went back to being friends. I made so many mistakes when I was with him, and talking to him made me stress and feel guilty because I knew he could still like me. It felt like I was leading him on, and I didn’t want to feel responsible for how I made him feel in the future. So I decided it hurt to much to stay in the same circle as him. I gave him a well thought out text, my apologies, my regards... and I left. I blocked him so I couldn’t see his response or feel any worse than I did. The sooner it is the less painful it will be. In short, I ghosted out of guilt and regret.

    • Yeah I suppose emotions can get the best of us sometimes. I kind of hope my ghoster feels guilty about it and doesn’t do it in the future. At least you gave some closure

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